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About Final Score(2018)

Final Score is an upcoming action film directed by Scott Mann and written by David T. Lynch and Keith Lynch, starring Dave Bautista (who previously worked with Mann on Heist), Ray Stevenson and Pierce Brosnan.


final scor

Dave Bautista plays a former soldier forced into action when armed terrorists take control of a packed soccer stadium.

Initial launch: 2018 (United Kingdom)

Director: Scott Mann

Production Company: Sky Cinema

Screenplay: David T. Lynch, Jonathan Frank

Music composed by: James Edward Barker, Tim Despic



Final ScoreĀ  (2018) online news

Final review of the score: Dave Bautista blooms in an absurdly funny British action revival

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Even from its production stages, ‘Final Score’ has been called ‘Die Hard in a football stadium’, but unlike other descendants ‘Die Hard’, especially the recent ‘Skyscraper’ or ‘Die Hard with Dwayne Johnson’, ‘Final’ Score ‘is never taken too seriously. By doing so, and maintaining a concise duration, close to real time execution of 100 minutes, which adds to the excitement, ends up being fun, exaggerated and meaningless film that offers the best and most classic action. the movies are

Bautista, fresh from the success of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise, is able to direct a film on his own. His character offers all the strength and the heart that we associate with the actor and his past roles. Dr. Lara Peake, of Drew Barrymore, in the role of “niece” and “Amit Shal” (“The Hundred-Foot Journey”) as self-conscious comedic relief also prove to be excellent additions to the cast.

Those who seek nuances will want to look elsewhere. There is no subtlety in the film at all, from the violin music that plays when Danni talks about his dead father, to the slow motion every time Michael sees something suspicious. The terrorists in the stands, cold and unblinking, stand out like a sore thumb among enthusiastic football fans. When the exits and communication with the cell phone are closed, there are so many shots to illustrate the point that one is tempted to scream on the screen (like a football fan, ironically): “We already made it!”

And yet, there’s so much entertainment to be had from its fun characters and energetic action, which includes Dave Bautista sequences jumping off buildings (with some dubious CGIs involved) and driving a motorcycle through a stadium, as well as skilled combat sequences , that you really will not care


Pierce Brosnan cast of final score
Pierce Brosnan

The weakest link in ‘Final Score’ is undoubtedly his caricature (yes, even for an action movie) and the team of forgettable antagonists, which includes Ray Stevenson, bodybuilder Martyn Ford and Alexandra Dinu. Pierce Brosnan has very little time on the screen and political history is essentially strange. Still, everyone looking for a fun and entertaining popcorn movie will be far from disappointed. ‘Final Score’ offers exactly what it says in the can and is a ridiculous, joyful and revivifying fun.


The last project of the star of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista, is Final Score, an action movie set in a football stadium that feels a world away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But a furtive Easter egg suggests a connection between director Scott Mann’s film and the MCU.

Final score sees a group of terrorists infiltrate secretly at the base of West Ham. The opening of the film identifies them as belonging to ‘Sokovia’, a region of Russia that was once the home of a popular separatist movement.

Although we can not confirm the spelling of this ‘Sokovia’, it seems to share its name with the fictitious nation MCU of Eastern Europe that was the scene of the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and gave its name to the Sokovia Agreements that sought to put to the heroes of Earth under the control of the government in Captain America: the Civil War.

“I can not attribute the merit of any of that,” Bautista told Digital Spy. “I do not know where all that came from.

“I do not know the background of that particular piece: I did not participate in any of those scenes in particular, I do not know where all this comes from, I suppose from the mind of Scott Mann.

“Oddly enough, you can join somewhere. I do not know.”

To be honest, we do not believe that the final score is established in the MCU: the Marvel version of Sokovia is its own country, not a region of Russia, and no one mentions calling the Avengers to save the day.

  • Interestingly, the comic version of Drax was a man named Arthur Douglas who was saved from death by Thanos Kronos’ grandfather and transformed into the familiar green warrior we know and love, so there’s probably a way to build an MCU connection if you want.
  • Ray Stevenson and Pierce Brosnan also star in the new Bautista film.
  • Dave Bautista’s latest film, Final Score, casts the Guardians of the Galaxy star in the midst of some rather dramatic action scenes.
Dave Bautista cast of final score
Dave Bautista
  • Known as ‘Die Hard in a football stadium’, we see his former soldier Michael Knox jumping from the rooftops and swaying all kinds of precarious hangers while fighting terrorists in the film directed by Scott Mann.
  • But what was the most frightful piece in which Bautista had to work?
  • “The most spooky, the boldest, are the ones I did not,” he told Digital Spy, laughing.
  • “I’m not a double, I never try to pass myself off as a double.
  • “I do not want to jump buildings, I do not have that desire, I’m not Tom Cruise, I do not feel like I have to do all my acrobatics.”
  • But being a former professional wrestler, Bautista certainly had some skills to take advantage of the more physical side of his Final Score performance.
  • “I like to make my own fights,” he said. “I feel like I qualify for that, I feel like I’m good at that, but if it’s about jumping out of a building, hanging a banner, I have a very qualified double named Rob de Groot, who has been with me through 12 or 13 movies At this point, I am more than happy to let him do that, and he is more than happy to do it.
  • “I’m just not that guy, I’m an athlete, I’m not a double.”
  • The film shows Bautista struggling to save his niece’s life at a football game after Russian separatists secretly blocked the stadium.
  • Pierce Brosnan also appears in the movie.
  • A new clip from the upcoming Final Score action movie shows Dave Bautista dodging bullets while driving a motorcycle.
  • This sequence precedes an even more impressive feat, which involves a jump that defies death and Screen Rant has the exclusive!

Described as “Die Hard in a football stadium”, Final Score went into production for the first time at Saban Studios in February 2016. Bautista was the first of the main cast hired for the film, which was filmed largely during the summer of 2016 at The Boleyn Ground in Upton Park, East London. The film also stars Ray Stevenson, Pierce Brosnan, Lara Peake, Alexandra Dinu and Craig Conway.

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The exclusive clip, which can be seen below, shows a complete scene that was briefly shown in the first preview of Final Score. In it, Bautista drives a motorcycle while dodging bullets from a lethal pursuer. Bautista then tries a bold jump, to escape from her attacker (Alexandra Dinu) while she is in the middle of reloading her weapon. All this happens on the head of an unconscious crowd, which drowns out the sounds of the shots and is too focused on the football game to notice a man on a motorcycle driving at the top of the bleachers.

Julian Cheung cast of final score
Julian Cheung

The plot of Final Score focuses on Michael Knox (Baptist), a former soldier in the wrong place at the wrong time. When a criminal gang led by a man named Arkady (Ray Stevenson) takes a whole stadium full of civilians as hostages during a major sporting event, Knox is recruited by terrorists to find a mysterious man named Dimitri (Pierce Brosnan) who hides somewhere in the crowd. With the daughter of a fallen comrade (Lara Peake), whom he swore to take care of, along with another 35,000 innocents, Knox will find that his military training will be tested like never before, while he gets into action to do what the police can not.

While the final score may be based on a classic premise, the previous action sequence highlights a single execution of what could have been a film made on paper. If nothing else, Bautista offers a distinctive presence as Michael Knox, showing the same inherent charisma that made him a fan favorite in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The studios seem to agree with the fans, with Bautista scheduled for the upcoming Fox Studios Stuber comedy / action, in addition to continuing to portray the character of Trent Derosa in the series Escape Plan, which has a third film due out in 2019.

There is a problem with action movies today. For a genre that previously (unfairly) received the label of being two-dimensional and disposable, most modern action movies feel that they have never set eyes on the road.

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Now everything has in mind the construction of the world or the laying of foundations. Even The Mummy, last year, critically received as a terrible faux pas, was produced under strict instructions to leave plenty of room for future sequels, spin-offs and crossovers. None of which now seems to be arriving.


Alexandra Dinu cast of final score
Alexandra Dinu

In the here and now, Final Score is the latest on-screen vehicle for Dave Bautista (or Batista From The Wrestling, since he is known from time to time). After receiving justifiably the accolades for his supportive performances in Guardians of the Galaxy, Specter and Blade Runner 2049, this is without a doubt his most outstanding role as leader.


To be frank, despite the obvious mutual skills involved in both jobs, fighters do not automatically make good actors. The anomalous success of Dwayne Johnson distorts this fact a bit, but for every time you’ve had The Rock in Furious 7, you’ve had Triple H in Blade Trinity, that strange softcore porn movie Buff Bagwell, and Hulk Hogan saying “dookie” ” .

However, if it was no longer evident that Dave Bautista would have steadfastly avoided falling into this trap, Final Score should serve to cement his status as a screen presence. There is a lot in this movie that will probably split opinion, but its performance will not be the same.


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